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Massachusetts law imposes a litany of detailed requirements on landlords operating in the Commonwealth.  Failure to fulfill these requirements and/or abide by Massachusetts laws can be punitive and costly for landlords, as many of the statutes award treble damages to tenants for violations.  Landlords, both big and small, need experienced and practical representation on these matters to: avoid liability; protect their units against damage; promote favorable tenant relations; and protect their right to possession of their units through evictions where necessary.


Jeffrey is a landlord himself and has experience advising landlords with regard to the wide range of issues they face operating in Massachusetts.  Jeffrey is familiar with the many legal requirements imposed on landlords by Massachusetts law and has experience advising landlords about compliance, litigating issues of non-compliance and handling eviction proceedings.  As a landlord, Jeffrey is acutely aware of the practical realities of the business.  Jeffrey always keeps those practical realities in mind when advising landlords and strives to resolve disputes in a practical and efficient manner that best serves the client’s interests. 


Jeffrey is available to help landlords with any of the following (amongst other issues):


  • Lease drafting and lease issues – Jeffrey understands Massachusetts landlords’ rights as well as statutory requirements for Massachusetts’ leases and best practices in this area.  As a practitioner in this area and landlord himself, Jeffrey is also familiar with the many issues that can arise in the landlord-tenant relationship.  Jeffrey can help landlords draft lease agreements that are in strict compliance with Massachusetts law, avoid common pitfalls and protect the landlord’s interest.

  • Security and last month rent deposit issues – Security and last month’s rent deposits are important tools to help a landlord ensure payment for the tenant’s last month and that the tenant leaves the property in the same condition as it was at move-in.  Massachusetts law has strict and well-defined requirements with regard to security deposits, as well as deposits for first and last month’s rent.  Failure to comply can carry steep penalties for landlords.  Jeffrey can help landlords navigate these issues and avoid costly litigation and penalties.

  • Pre-eviction strategy and counseling – Eviction proceedings are extremely costly for landlords – both in terms of time, money and opportunity cost.  Jeffrey therefore views eviction as a last resort.  When a tenant dispute (or potential dispute) arises, Jeffrey prefers to get involved early and counsel landlords regarding strategies for resolving the dispute without resorting to an eviction proceeding.  By being involved early in the process, moreover, Jeffrey can advise landlords on steps to take to enhance the likelihood of success in an eviction proceeding.  Finally, Jeffrey is familiar with the many tactics tenants use to avoid or delay eviction and, by being involved early, can help landlords appropriately respond to such tactics.

  • Eviction – When an eviction is unavoidable, Jeffrey provides aggressive, smart and efficient representation for landlords.  Jeffrey does everything possible to streamline the process and achieve his clients’ goals as quickly and cost-effectively and possible. 


Please contact Jeffrey to discuss how he can assist you with your landlord-tenant needs.






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