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Jeffrey Strom is a seasoned litigator dedicated to providing the highest-quality advocacy and efficiently achieving exemplary results for his clients.


Jeffrey takes a common-sense approach to litigation and always endeavors to achieve his client’s goals in the most efficient manner possible. Jeffrey’s approach includes pre-litigation counseling....

Business & Corporate Law


Jeffrey Strom provides intelligent, practical and creative legal and business planning to small and closely-held businesses throughout Central and Eastern Massachusetts.


Jeffrey has over ten years of experience representing businesses both big and small in a myriad of transactional, compliance and governance matters. Through his years as a complex commercial ....

Landlord - Tenant Matters


Massachusetts law imposes a litany of detailed requirements on landlords operating in the Commonwealth. Failure to fulfill these requirements and/or abide by Massachusetts laws can be punitive and costly for landlords, as many of the statutes award treble damages ....

Employment Matters


Jeffrey Strom represents employees and employers in all matters of employment disputes, including:


  • Wage and Hour Claims

  • Employment Discrimination and/or Harassment

  • Non-Compete and Non-Solicitation Agreement Disputes

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